Victor Guidera is a digital media specialist and studio designer.  In early 2008 after completing his professional recording arts degree at the Art Institute of Vancouver at the top of his class, he immediately joined the renowned Rock Beach Recording Studios in White Rock BC as an assistant recording engineer.  During this time he worked alongside some of the top producers and engineers in the business.  Pulling knowledge and inspiration from each and every project, he honed his skills as an exceptional recording engineer and music producer.  

What best describes victor is: pure passion and undenied motivation.  He is a teacher; a perpetual learner.  Victor shifted gears in 2009, joining local media company Railroad Media (Drumeo) initially as a video editor.  A short few months later as Technical Director, he was designing their first multi-camera/multi-track recording and film studio.  Ultimately he developed a unique studio control room design in which all multi-camera and multi-track audio can all comfortably be controlled live by a single engineer.  At Drumeo, Victor had become known around the globe for his pristine film aesthetic, extremely rounded technical strengths, and his ability to capture and reproduce the some of the best sounding drum recordings on the web.

Victor has grown an astounding amount intellectually and professionally over a few short years.  Having played a critical role in growing two businesses into multi-million dollar ventures, his unique studio and workflow designs are quickly becoming sought after by small and large businesses around the world.

In early 2015, he designed and constructed the first of it's kind in online education, a multi-camera 4K UHD and multitrack recording and film studio for world-renowned  He also built the company's entire production and post production workflows for video and audio.  In early 2016, Victor designed and constructed a similar scale project in LA for  Victor has designed multi-camera live broadcast and recording studios in Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Tucson and Los Angeles.

In 2016, Victor moved with his family to Tucson, Arizona and officially opened his business, Suonotec Media and Technology. Suonotec is the premiere provider of unique audio and film studio designs, business technology consulting and high quality, engaging video marketing content for businesses in a global market.

Whether it's recording/filming Grammy Award winning artists, designing studios, directing videos, producing an album or pursuing any other of his extremely diverse interests, Victor's passion fuels his innate ability to maximize quality and efficiency while maintaining the highest standard of client relationships and satisfaction.