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"I've worked closely with Victor over a number of years and have been impressed by his hard work, detailed research, and follow through. He has helped us set up several video production studios and assisted us with establishing workflows for both live video broadcasts and post­production. Not only does he have a firm grasp of the technical side of production, but he is also a musician and has a natural ability to communicate with artists to create a comfortable production environment. If you have a project that involves video production, audio production, design or professional lighting I recommend you work with Victor, because he will get things done quickly and professionally."

Rick Kettner - Owner of­ & co­-founder of

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"Having worked personally with Victor to successfully build our video production studio at from the ground up, I can say that he is incredibly passionate about his work. Being very detailed, I'm one who tends to have many questions. Every step of the way, Victor has demonstrated a vast knowledge of his craft and immense patience in working with us to ensure we had everything we needed to execute our vision. He's highly creative and resourceful in that he found several workarounds for our unique workflow challenges. 

One such long-term content development process has historically taken us four days of filming, editing, and processing to complete each week. Victor's live production process reduced our backend editing to virtually zero, producing a nearly finished product immediately after recording. We've been thrilled with the change ever since. Additionally, we were able to have our first ever 5-day live piano teaching broadcast using the same setup Victor helped us implement. Our customers have raved over the innovative changes and we're poised to take production to the next level. I owe our entire new system to Victor's direction and guidance. 

What impresses me most is his commitment to learning. Much of the setup we've employed is not something you'd commonly find taught in a traditional videography school. Most videographers were clueless when approached about what we wanted to do "live" on the internet while incorporating our piano teaching technologies. We found Victor as a result of seeing his work and was blown away with how much he knew about the equipment, setup, workflow, and execution of this style of production. This type of knowledge only comes from passion, dedication, and a desire to stay abreast of latest technologies.  I cannot give a higher recommendation for Victor Guidera."

Jermaine Griggs - Owner of


"Very unique and impressive studio that you've built here Victor.  Great job on the design"  (On the design and construction of the Drumeo Studios)

Garth Richardson - Producer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine) & Co-Founder of Nimbus School of Recording Arts & Media


"Victor, you make our Yamaha drums sound so incredible.  You are a damn good engineer and I love every time we bring an artist out to work with you."

Sean Browne - International Representative at Yamaha Corporation


          "Victor is a professional through and through. He has an amazing work ethic and does an excellent job of consistently delivering the highest-quality video and audio productions."

Chad Kettner - Marketing Director at


          "Oooeeeeeh I 'aint never heard the drums sound so good in at least a decade!  I can't believe what I'm hearin' out the speakers right now Victor!  Great work"

Bernard Purdie - (Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan) & 'The World's Most Recorded Drummer'